Redmond, here we come

This will be a very short post, as life is incredibly hectic here. Let me just confirm that indeed I am joining Microsoft, and I am overly excited at the idea.

On top of an incredible amount of warm wishes and kind words, I have been asked a number of questions I really want to answer, and generally speaking I really should find some time and dump my thoughts. Just bear with me for a little more, while I frantically try to wrap up 41 years of Italian life and get ready to move across the pond. You will hear a lot from me, promise!

7 Responses to “Redmond, here we come”

  1. 1 vds

    Congrats! :)

  2. 2 Yoav Shapira


  3. 3 Carlo Viola

    Hi Gianugo,
    I wish to make you my best congratulations for your new job.
    I think It will be very unlikely you come back in Rome (do you remember Pontef. univ….).
    So, mail me your new email address or connect by linkedin.


  4. 4 Stefano Canepa


  5. 5 Gianluigi


    Good luck for this new adventure!

  6. 6 Alessandro Canepa

    Hi Gianugo,
    one thing is sure, now Microsoft will be a better place!
    I still don’t guarantee that I will ever like it… but now there’s a chance ;-)

    In bocca al lupo!


  7. 7 Federico

    pessima mossa, collaborare coi monopolisti non porta da nessuna parte.
    Microssoft paga solo chi le può essere utile e non certo per sostenere il software libero.
    W Richard Stallman

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